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[SCM] Eliot annotated tag, eliot_2.1, created. eliot_2.1

Olivier Teuliere
This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "Eliot".

The annotated tag, eliot_2.1 has been created
        at  39059c2e72824c41f5b6cfce567de9c70d471118 (tag)
   tagging  9684af7de51b73a7446a1f5fac71dbb2672468fe (commit)
  replaces  eliot_2.0
 tagged by  Olivier Teulière
        on  Thu Apr 4 20:49:14 2013 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Release 2.1

Olivier Teulière (207):
      Next version will be 2.1
      Update of the Serbian translation
      Stats: show the played move with the turn number
      Save games: save and restore the table numbers
      Saved games: use camelCase for attribute names
      Saved games: improve an error message to give the context
      Saved games: use the real player ID, not a modified one
      Saved games: save some statistics (not used when loading the game)
      Arbitration: when loading a saved game, make PlayerMoveCmd auto-executable.
      Minor cosmetics changes (more C++-like)
      Arbitration: fix a bug when a word is checked manually.
      Fix a visual glitch on the status bar
      Fix a timer bug
      Ignore requests to start the timer when it is already active
      History widget: show solos before warnings and penalties
      Arbitration: display the solos, warnings and penalties in the players view
      Stats: allow flipping the table
      Stats: simplify the flipping code using the decorator pattern
      Stats: enable sorting when the table is flipped.
      Reset the timer automatically when a new turn starts
      New option to start the timer automatically when the rack changes
      Fix a window placement bug.
      Italian translation, courtesy of Diego de Landro
      Fixed compilation errors with newer g++ versions
      Fix the problems reported by desktop-file-validate
      The Serbian language code is sr, not rs...
      Updates for Debian packaging
      More contributions
      Update the build instructions
      listdic program: use getopt, and provide more interesting options
      listdic: fix an old bug with the -x option
      Header::print() now takes the output stream as parameter
      Small simplification
      Move commands to the game/cmd/ sub-directory.
      Use BOOST_FOREACH instead of an index-based loop
      Move Arbitration::getPlayerEventCmd() into Duplicate
      Arbitration: new option to handle solos automatically.
      Preferences: add a checkbox for the new automatic solos handling option
      Arbitration: disable solo-related actions when automatic handling is active
      Reports: initial version, with 2 reports.
      Ignore .pyc files
      Give credit for the stats report design
      Stats reports: new option to embed the CSS into the HTML file
      TileLayout: fix a bug (the rect offset was not taken into account)
      TileLayout: fix the row offset on lines other than the first one
      BoardWidget: center horizontally
      RackWidget: center the tiles in the widget
      Rename CoordModel as PlayModel
      PlayModel: exchange the order of the arguments for the coordChanged() signal
      PlayModel: remove a useless getter
      PlayModel: do not emit the coordChanged() signal when no change occurred
      PlayModel: support for word changes in addition to coordinates.
      Fix a typo
      Coord: do not accept invalid strings starting with valid coordinates
      RackWidget: add a setRack() slot
      PlayModel: add a moveChanged() signal for convenience
      New game dialog: allow moving the selected players up and down
      New game dialog: disable the up/down buttons when there is no selection
      Arbitration: new search filter, filtering points
      Turn: new findAllMatchingCmd() utility method
      Fix a typo
      Remove a useless include
      GameIO: remove a useless parameter
      Coord: remove useless code
      New utility functions: toUpper() and toLower()
      Use toLower() and toUpper()
      Coord: do not refuse lowercase coordinates.
      Add a visual rack below the main board
      RackWidget: initial support for drag & drop of tiles in the rack
      Game::checkPlayedWord() now takes a Move instead of a Round
      PlayModel now uses a Move internally
      BoardWidget: preliminary version of played word preview
      Allow more types of invalid input when previewing a move being played
      Display the word being played on the board
      RackWidget: hide tiles of the word being played.
      Move Duplicate::setGameAndPlayersRack() to Game
      New BoardLayout class to wrap the board layout (size and special squares).
      New topping mode (very beginning)
      Topping: keep track of all the moves played by the player.
      NewGame: set tooltips for the game modes
      TileWidget: remove a duplicated line
      RackWidget: better-looking drag & drop, inspired by Firefox tabs
      Topping: new widget dedicated to topping mode.
      TileWidget: better colour for the shaded and played tiles
      Round: add operator==()
      Move: add operator==()
      New "master game" feature.
      GameFactory: remove the useless releaseGame() method
      Replace obsolete macros with newer ones (using autoupdate)
      Use a more recent version of gettext
      Update some m4 macros with the latest available version
      Activate some autoconf warnings
      Ignore new files generated by autopoint
      Game: make the constructor protected, to make the design clearer
      Stats: fix a bug when the table is flipped.
      Stats: do not display the played move in the header when the table is flipped
      Stats: sort by ranking when the table is flipped
      PlayWordMediator: fix header inclusion guards
      PlayWordMediator: set correctly the initial state
      Favorite players: add buttons to move players up and down
      Hints system, to retrieve partial information about a Move.
      New dialog to display hints to the user. Not yet used.
      PlayModel: remove a TODO
      PlayModel: new signal to indicate that a move is played.
      Topping: use a different method to play the move.
      Topping: implement sorting properly
      Topping: integrate hints
      Move game-related signals out of MainWindow, into the new dedicated class GameSignals
      GameSignals: simplify slightly
      RackWidget: update the visual rack only when the game rack changes.
      MainWindow: fix bugs introduced in 99e7628fed66
      TrainingWidget: fix an old bug (the "New rack" button was behaving like "Complement")
      Rack: add operator==()
      Game: remove a TODO
      GameSignals: emit the gameRackChanged() signal even if this is not the last turn
      GameSignals: new signal emitted when the rack of the current player changes.
      Topping:: allow shuffling the rack
      RackWidget: only allow drag & drop if there is no preview on the board
      RackWidget: after a drag & drop, notify the game that the rack has changed.
      RackWidget: restore the rack properly if drag & drop fails
      GameSignals: update member variables correctly when the game is destroyed
      RackWidget: fix a bug when the rack is filtered (wrong variable used)
      Board: allow one more type of invalid word when previewing a played word
      TimerWidget: new "chrono" mode, triggered with Ctrl+click
      TimerModel: add a utility method
      HintsDialog: display the cost of each hint (optional)
      Topping: remove the ScoreWidget and add a TimerWidget
      Distribute reports
      RackWidget: filter the rack correctly when the played word contains a blank
      PlayWordMediator: improve the handling of words in Intermediate state.
      Add a "Print preview" menu entry
      Topping: keep track of the player score
      Topping: add a preference to set the penalty value in case of timeout
      Topping: better looking widget, and new field for the total score
      Topping: do not show the lineEdit control showing points of the move
      Stats: hide some information in topping mode
      PlayWordMediator: consider the empty rack as valid
      Topping: do not assign an empty move to the player immediately.
      Stats: add support for printing the table, as it is shown on the screen
      Remove all uses of KeyEventFilter.
      Remove the KeyEventFilter class
      Arbitration: use a standard shorcut to select all the players
      Arbitration: always show the context menu entry to assign the selected move.
      Arbitration: rename a few methods
      Arbitration: make the shortcuts for assignments translatable
      po: detect Boost format strings.
      Results: add a isEmpty() method, and use it where possible
      Ncurses: remove the useless "player" column in the history view
      Tests: remove the useless "Player" column in the game history
      HistoryWidget: compute the player ID instead of getting it from TurnData
      TurnData: remove the m_playerId member
      Topping: give the score penalty directly with the player move.
      Fix a small bug in explosive games.
      New MoveSelector class, to help find the "best" move to play.
      New InnoSetup-based installer for Windows, by Joan Montané
      Integration of the Win32 installer into the build system
      Distribute the contribs
      Bag: rename a method
      Bag: rename a member variable
      Bag: remove a useless method
      Bag: the number of tiles cannot be negative
      Bag: add a contains() convenience method
      Rack: rename a member variable
      Rack: rename a method
      Rack: add a contains() convenience method
      Settings: fix a typo (wrong setting type)
      Results: new MasterResults implementation, using the MoveSelector class.
      Remove a useless include
      BoardLayout: make a method public, and use it to simplify an assertion
      MoveSelector: add a new heuristic (deactivated for now)
      MoveSelector: add another heuristic
      MoveSelector: add one more heuristic (deactivated for now)
      ToppingWidget: fix tab order
      Check for new versions, about once a week.
      Text interface: improve slightly the topping mode
      Some confirmations are useless when the game is finished
      TileLayout: fix margins handling
      Remove useless comments
      Contribs: update Qt to version 4.8.2, and provide QtNetwork
      MainWindow: do not show the visual rack until a game is started
      MainWindow: try to reduce screen flicker when (re)starting a game
      RackWidget: set small margins and draw a border
      Arbitration: clear the filters when the rack changes, not when a search is performed
      po: update the list of files to translate
      po: re-generate po files
      Fix make distcheck
      Stats report: add "tooltips" to show the played move.
      Fix c7913ddc454dd978c44ccf261eb84a3396e0ed9c.
      MainWindow: no frame is needed for labels in the status bar
      Gray out the players area when the game is finished.
      Fix mismatch declaration between struct and class
      Add a missing include
      Fix a file name, preventing a few strings to be translated
      Fix a typo
      Update po files
      Update of the French translation
      Update of the Czech translation, by Pavel Fric
      Update of the Serbian translation, by UroÅ¡ Stefanović
      Update of the Spanish translation, by Joan Montané
      Update of the Catalan translation, by Joan Montané
      Update of the Italian translation, by Diego De Landro
      Hints: fix a bug in WordLettersHint.
      Hints: add missing logging
      Topping: give a default empty move to the player.
      XmlWriter: avoid a division by zero
      UpdateChecker: fix a coverity warning (not an actual bug, though)
      Prepare for version 2.1



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