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SKS db abd recon Server Tuning

John Marshall-2
I have just installed SKS on a test server with a view to putting up a
public server in Australia.  The test server only has 256MB RAM, so it
highlights resource-usage issues for me.

The server I plan to use as a public keyserver hosts a number of other
things as well (including customer stuff), so I want to make sure that I
can tame SKS.

When I was loading the database from a dump (using, I
found that the "sweet spot" for this server was to use "-n 1 -cache 16";
otherwise the server would start swapping and nothing looked pretty

Having loaded the database, I installed SKS on another internal server
to learn how the synchronization worked.  I peered the servers with each
other and the recon process on the loaded server proceeded to gobble all
available memory on the server and pretty much wedge everything.  Are
there similar knobs available for "db" and "recon" as there are for
"build" and "fastbuild"?

Is there documentation available somewhere that gives some guidance on

Thanks for any pointers.

John Marshall

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