SafeKeep version 1.4.4 (stable) released

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SafeKeep version 1.4.4 (stable) released

Frank Crawford
This is release 1.4.4 of SafeKeep, a centralized and easy to use 
backup application that combines the best features of a mirror 
and an incremental backup.

This is bug-fix update, primarily to fix a major issue.  What's in this
  - Fix error with key deployment reported by Bruce Cowan <[hidden email]>
  - Cleanup up some minor issues in the build and deployment process

Many thanks to all those who sent in bug reports and fixes that made this
release possible, and to Dimi Paun for his continual work with SafeKeep.

Sources and binaries are available from the following locations:

  - RedHat EL/CentOS 5,6,7 Fedora 12-24:
  - Ubuntu Precise (12.04 LTS) to Yakkety (16.10):

  - Source:

The GPG Signing Key can be found in the following location:

with fingerprint:

pub   1024D/4E1CD0E5 2012-02-17
      Key fingerprint = B051 E099 25D1 CE50 54DF  227D 96FC 24AC 4E1C D0E5
uid                  SafeKeep (Signing Key) <[hidden email]>
sub   1024g/6AA3270F 2012-02-17

NOTE: The minimum version of Python supported is Python 2.3.  If you
require support of an older version of Python, then you should select an
earlier release of Safekeep.

To find out more about the project visit on our website:

Frank Crawford <[hidden email]>
for Dimi Paun <[hidden email]>
Lattica, Inc.

rdiff-backup-users mailing list at [hidden email]
Wiki URL: