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David M.

I am looking for peers for a new SKS keyserver installation.

I am running SKS version 1.1.6, on
This is a private machine.
The server is physically located in Germany (EU).
The machine has IPv6 connectivity.

I have loaded a keydump from, dated
I see 5404669 keys loaded.

For operational issues, please contact me directly. 11370 # David Moes <[hidden email]> 0xFBDD7EAAEDD53063

Thank you,
- David Moes

David Moes
Public OpenPGP 0xFBDD7EAAEDD53063 key at hkp://
fpr: 550C D308 CC0D 1CE1 79D4  EAA0 233D B73F 31B9 7723
“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”

― Albert Einstein

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