Segfault with iup egg

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Segfault with iup egg

Jeff Moon
I have been trying to get IUP and the corresponding chicken egg working for a little while, and I'm running into segfaults on SLES11 and SLES12.  Poking around in GDB gives me the following error:

Thread 1 "test" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x00002aaaaaab9ed0 in _dl_signal_error () from /lib64/

This was on SLES12, using the pre-compiled binaries from IUP:

I did compile the test program from the IUP team against these libraries and includes, so those seem to be working fairly well.

Also, I've been using the egg version 1.9.3, because the 1.9.4 version doesn't seem to compile near as much, so it seems like it might be missing some things in the compile.  It's possible I'm misunderstanding it.
Any guidance on how to proceed or debug this would be greatly appreciated!