Segmentation Fault after dialing not more than 2 seconds from the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

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Segmentation Fault after dialing not more than 2 seconds from the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

Brandon Cheah

I can dial outgoing call using linphone console application (linphonec) in the RPi 3 Model B+ for the past few months until yesterday the problem arise.

The problem is that after typing “ call myusername “ in the linphonec console application, my phone rings but after 2 seconds of not picking up the phone call, the Raspberry Pi console application shows Segmentation Fault and then exits the console application.

If I pick up the phone call within 2seconds, I can establish a voice/video call without any problem.

Can somebody help me with this error, much appreciated!!

I’ve tried debug with gdb and this is what I get:

gdb ./linphonec

run --verbose

(gdb) run -C

Starting program: /home/pi/linphone-desktop/OUTPUT/no-ui/bin/linphonec -C

[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]

Using host libthread_db library "/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/".

[New Thread 0x70c7d320 (LWP 1683)]

[New Thread 0x602ff320 (LWP 1684)]

[New Thread 0x602ff320 (LWP 1685)]

[Thread 0x602ff320 (LWP 1684) exited]

[Thread 0x602ff320 (LWP 1685) exited]

[New Thread 0x602ff320 (LWP 1686)]

linphonec> 2019-03-01 16:44:53:344 belle-sip-error-stream connect failed Network is unreachable

2019-03-01 16:44:53:344 belle-sip-error-Cannot connect to [TLS://]



linphonec> call myusername

Establishing call id to sip:[hidden email], assigned id 1

[New Thread 0x6407b320 (LWP 1688)]

[New Thread 0x6387a320 (LWP 1689)]

linphonec> Call 1 to sip:[hidden email] in progress.

[New Thread 0x62cff320 (LWP 1690)]

[New Thread 0x624fe320 (LWP 1691)]

Call 1 to sip:[hidden email] ringing.


Thread 1 "linphonec" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.

__GI_strcmp (p1=<optimized out>, p2=<optimized out>) at strcmp.c:39

39           strcmp.c: No such file or directory.

(gdb) bt

#0  __GI_strcmp (p1=<optimized out>, p2=<optimized out>) at strcmp.c:39

#1  0x7661c3d4 in _belle_sip_dialog_match () from /home/pi/linphone-desktop/OUTPUT/no-ui/lib/

#2  0x7663eb50 in belle_sip_client_transaction_notify_response () from /home/pi/linphone-desktop/OUTPUT/no-ui/lib/

#3  0x76638b90 in belle_sip_provider_dispatch_message () from /home/pi/linphone-desktop/OUTPUT/no-ui/lib/

#4  0x76617114 in belle_sip_channel_process_stream () from /home/pi/linphone-desktop/OUTPUT/no-ui/lib/

#5  0x76619000 in belle_sip_channel_process_data () from /home/pi/linphone-desktop/OUTPUT/no-ui/lib/

#6  0x76641570 in tls_process_data () from /home/pi/linphone-desktop/OUTPUT/no-ui/lib/

#7  0x7660b33c in belle_sip_main_loop_run () from /home/pi/linphone-desktop/OUTPUT/no-ui/lib/

#8  0x7660b834 in belle_sip_main_loop_sleep () from /home/pi/linphone-desktop/OUTPUT/no-ui/lib/

#9  0x76f1ea88 in linphone_core_iterate () from /home/pi/linphone-desktop/OUTPUT/no-ui/lib/

#10 0x00015fb4 in linphonec_idle_call ()

#11 0x00016148 in linphonec_readline ()

#12 0x00014d88 in main ()

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