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Slow scrolling everywhere, and slow firefox altogether

Grim Ghoul
Oh, so I moved to StumpWM. Been a Ratpoison user for years, but I decided I have to make the jump. "Get with the times", so to speak.
I'm a bit dissapointed and I will most definitely move away from it for the time being, but instead of rage quitting I'll try to provide info as to what my problem is, maybe in the future it will be fixed.
My problem is twofold:
1. Scrolling in any (and I mean, *ANY*) application is really really choppy and slow. Sometimes, it would even freeze for seconds, and then start to scroll really slow without me even touching the mouse (out of "inertia", I guess). The scrolling issue seems to get better when I'm scrolling my dragging the scrollbar instead of using the mousewheel.
2. In Firefox, the above problem still exist but here I get slowness everywhere. It's going really really *really* slow, sometimes it takes 2-3 seconds for a button/tab to actually click. If I grab a tab, trying to move its position, it takes a few seconds until I can actually see it get grabbed, and then it gets dropped at (apparently) random locations (thus moving it to a new window). Scrolling and other intensive tasks like moving or changing a tab makes my CPU jump up at over 65-70% usage. I will sometimes click a link/button and it would not even click, like it somehow decided to ignore the fact that I clicked, I have to click again to get a response. I hit the new tab button and it takes a few seconds to open a new empty tab, etc. These things seem to happen randomly, sometimes firefox would work ok, and other times a simple click will make me CPU shoot up. This is really hard to explain, it's really one of those things that you have to experience to see how anoying it is. I'm seriously starting to pull hairs out because I like Stump, I have it all configured and I really hate to move away from it, but functionality is a key issue with me.

Needless to say, this only happens in Stump. Everything is just fine in the other WMs (Ratpoison, Openbox and dwm have been thoroughly tested in this aspect).
Any thoughts or ideas are welcomed. Is anyone else experiencing this? Are these bugs, or am I simply running a machine that doesn't "click" with Stump?

Some info that may be of importance:

- Stump is compiled with SBCL 1.0.50
- My machine is not really top of the line, but not a reject either (an AMD Brisbane 5000+ dualcore, 2G RAM)
- I'm running a 32 bit install of Slackware 13.37
- My video driver is nouveau (atleast that's what Xorg says, I haven't manually set up a xorg.conf in years).

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