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Small documentation issue

Martin Baker-3

Just a small documentation issue.

This line appears to be duplicated in the PDF:

"Permutation is a domain which can be used to compute permutations. It
is also an implementation of Group category."

In books/bookvol10.3.pamphlet its at line 145509.

I assume you would prefer me to let you know about this by email, like
this, rather than cloning github and sending you a pull request?

One other thing:

Some of the diagrams have been expanded making them look blocky. the
original diagrams are in scalable (.svg) form so its easy to export
them, at other sizes, to .png or .gif (not .eps). However I think the
document would be more readable if the diagrams were not larger than
necessary. To my eye, a lot of skipping over big diagrams makes reading
harder (it would be even better if text flowed around diagrams). This is
a very minor thought and not worth spending much time on.

More generally, on the topic of documentation. It would be possible to
write a lot more about the group theory around these domains. For
instance, explanations of concepts like 'generators' and so on. The
information added here was intended to be the aspects that are not
easily found in maths textbooks. I do agree with some of your earlier
posts that you made about the potential benefit that Axiom could bring
to mathematics education, just the discipline it brings to having a
consistent notation across the whole subject seems enormously valuable
to me. However cramming an explanation of the whole of mathematics into
bookvol10.3.pamphlet seems a bit over ambitious to me so perhaps its
best not to try to explain everything?


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