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Some issues

Dennis den Brok-2
To sum it up in a single mail:

microdc2 has recently been put as a package into pkgsrc  
( In the process, a few issues, both in terms of  
functionality and file layout, were encountered. Maybe some of them could  
be fixed on your side?

  * man page is called "microdc.1" while the binary itself is "microdc2".  
This should probably be changed to "microdc2.1" (or the other way round),  
  * the Polish man page should probably go to  
"${MANDIR}/pl/man1/microdc(2).1". At the very least, "" is  
misleading in that it appears as if belonging to a Perl script;
  * in hub.c, hub_new, there are two little flaws; cf. 
for explanation and a fix.

TIA and best regards,

Dennis den Brok

PS: Please be so kind to CC me upon replies.

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