Sys_error("true: No such file or directory")

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Sys_error("true: No such file or directory")

Brian Minton
I tried to load a recent dump, and I got a message true: No such file or
directory, after loading about 3 million keys.  I was able to start the
server, but it was obviously significantly behind, so I thought I'd try to do
a merge.  That's when I got the following error (trying just two random dump

debian-sks@bminton:~/dump$ sks merge /var/lib/sks/dump/keydump.2018-12-24-0177.pgp /var/lib/sks/dump/keydump.2018-12-24-0222.pgp
Fatal error: exception Sys_error("true: No such file or directory")

This is using sks 1.1.6 on debian unstable on amd64.

I would be glad to find out it's just user error (and if so, I'd like to
request the man page be updated with a better description of the syntax of the
merge command), but I'm not sure.  I did run it under strace, and it is
literally trying to open a file called "true", which seems like it's some
config somewhere that is wrong.

In the mean time, my sks server is limping along, trying to load half its keys
from gossip...

Brian Minton
brian at minton dot name
Live long, and prosper longer!
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