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TC 2006. Call for Papers

Transgressive Computing 2006 Conference
   Transgressive Computing TC'2006: THIRD CALL FOR PAPERS.

A conference in honor of Jean Della Dora will be held next year
at the University of Granada (Spain) from the 24th to the 26th
of April 2006, a few weeks after his 60th birthday. In order
to acknowledge the many innovative contributions of Jean, this
event will be called "Transgressive Computing 2006".

TC'2006 web page:
TC'2006 e-mail: [hidden email]

Important Dates

Deadline for Submissions:    November 15, 2005
Notification of Acceptance:  January 15, 2006
Camera-ready copy received:  February 15, 2006

Conference Topics

The presentations will include invited and contributed talks which
topics comprise, but are not limited to, the
various research interests of Jean; among those: Computer Algebra,
Differential Equations, Pade Approximants, Parallel Computing,
Linear Algebra, Complexity Theory, Dynamical Systems, Hybrid Systems,
Complex Networks, Optimal Control, Algorithmic Number Theory and
Cryptology, Programming Languages and Categorical Semantics, Open Software
and Applications of the previous topics to Biology, Environment,
Physics, DNA Computing, Genetics, Robotics,  Automatics etc.

Instructions to Authors

Authors are invited to submit an extended abstract of at least
4 pages or a full paper of at most 16 pages in LaTeX 11pt article
size. This submitted article can be written in English, French
or Spanish but must include in any case English versions of the
title and abstract. LaTeX templates in each of the three languages
are available at

Original research results and insightful analysis of current concerns
are solicited for submission. Submissions must not substantially duplicate
work published or submitted for publication elsewhere. Late submissions
will be rejected. Papers will be reviewed by the program committee
and additional referees. Proceedings will be distributed at the
symposium.  Electronic submission is mandatory and the submission
web page is

Each submission should have an abstract as well as an introductory
section that: describes the problem, motivates the study of the
problem, states the main results and compares them to other work
(including theoretical or empirical performance) and summarizes the
original aspects of the contribution. Authors of accepted papers
are expected to present their work at the symposium, or to make
arrangements to have it presented.

Invited Speakers:

   * Jean Della Dora, INPG, Grenoble, France
   * Eugene Asarin, Univ. Paris 7, France
   * Leon Brenig, Univ. Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
   * Claude Brezinski, Univ. Lille 1, France
   * Alessandra Carbone, IHES, France.
   * Michel Cosnard, INRIA, France
   * Victor Fairen, UNED, Spain
   * Jean-Pierre Ramis, Univ. Paul Sabatier, France
   * Stephen M. Watt, Univ. Western Ontario, Canada

TC'2006 Program Committee:

   * Leon Brenig, Belgium
   * Claude Brezinski, France
   * Bernard Brogliato, France
   * Bernhard Beckermann, France
   * Guoting Chen, France
   * Robert M. Corless, Canada
   * Dominique Duval, France
   * Roderick Edwards, Canada
   * Victor Fairen, Spain
   * Mark Giesbrecht, Canada
   * Aziz Hilali, Morocco
   * Francisco-Jesus Castro-Jimenez, Spain
   * Lila Kari, Canada
   * Franck Leprevost, Luxembourg
   * Luis Miguel Pardo, Spain
   * Michel Petitot, France
   * Jean-Pierre Ramis, France
   * B. David Saunders, USA
   * Eric Schost, France
   * Yun Tang, China
   * Gilles Villard, France
   * Stephen M. Watt, Canada
   * Jean-Louis Roch, France
   * Timothy P. Daly, USA
   * Jean-Guillaume Dumas, France
     (Proceeding Editor)
   * Jose Gomez-Torrecillas, Spain
     (Local Arrangements Chair)
   * Francoise Jung, France
   * Francois Lemaire, France
     (Web Master)
   * Francisco-Javier Lobillo-Borrero, Spain
     (Local Arrangements Chair)
   * Marc Moreno Maza, Canada
     (General Chair)
   * Tomas Recio Muniz, Spain
     (Program Chair)
   * Evelyne Tournier, France
     (Publicity Chair)

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