TLF-1.4.1 maintenance and bugfix release

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TLF-1.4.1 maintenance and bugfix release

Thomas Beierlein-4
After a lot of work by all people contributing to TLF I would like to
announce the release of the new TLF-1.4.1 version.

You can find it at or at

Fixed bugs:

- Fix compile error with new GCC-10.

- There are two major fixes for bugs in the scoring logic:
  - For US/VE stations runnin ARRLDX contest intra W/VE qso were counted
    which was wrong. New code correctly scores these contacts with 0
    points and does not count it as multi.
  - If you running TLF in CQWW 2 TX mode QSO from other stations on LAN
    would be counted wrong. Fixed.

Besides some internal improvements there are numerous changes and new

- Thanks to the work of W8BSD from TLF-1.3.1 on TLF could use the CT9
  cty.dat files with full call sign exceptions (marked by =<call>).
  As that version in meantime is widely available, I asked Jim Reiser
  AD1C to provide the CT9 format as default cty.dat file format for
  TLF. That change came in use in the beginning of 2020. If you use
  TLF-1.3.0 or an older version you should look for the old format
  file, which are still available.

- Jim informed further that he would like to switch his server in
  next time to provide these files only via secured access. So please
  use to download actual cty.dat files.

- Zoli HA5CQZ did some work to make switch back from a grabbed station
  much more easy. His work enables to just grab a needed station from
  the bandmap while running CQ mode and to come back to your running
  frequency and mode after it with only one key press. Read the details
  on and the man page.

- If you have to correct your log file by deleting the last entry TLF
  will now automatically reread your log - no need to request an
  ':rescore' anymore.

- We got a better (and more informational) display of partials and an
  improved handling of WCY/WWV messages (both thanks to Zolis work).

- You can now use any editor for editing the log. If you do not set any
  in the logcfg.dat TLF uses the one from the EDITOR environment
  variable. Be aware that there may be some small problems when using a
  graphical editor - if they go into the background when started you
  have to reload the logfile after edit by hand.

- The ADIF write function supports now V3.10 of the specification.

- Thanks to numerous users there are new contest rules, multiplier
  files and initial exchange lists for the OK/OM contest and CWOPS

Thanks to all contributors and testers.

For a more detailed discussion of the new features please read the
NEWS file and the man page.

As always reports about problems (or success) are welcome.

73 es gd DX,  de Tom DL1JBE.

"Do what is needful!"
Ursula LeGuin: Earthsea