Testversion of rdiff-backup for Windows available - testers needed

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Testversion of rdiff-backup for Windows available - testers needed


it was a long and bumpy run, but we've got a Windows version of
rdiff-backup available for you to grab and test at [1]

As I write in the comments, the binary has been barely tested (I got a
bit sick of working under Windows to be honest) and I would be more than
happy if someone else could take over the detailed testing and report
specific issues under [2] (Merge Requests are even more welcome).

For the even less faint of heart, you'll find under tools/windows in the
Git repo instructions and tools on how to build and debug rdiff-backup
under Windows. It's based on usage of Ansible but can easily be adapted
to other means of doing.

KR, Eric

[2] https://github.com/rdiff-backup/rdiff-backup/issues

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