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The Oxyd Book

Ken Mason
Hello Enigma,

I happened on Enigma the other day, and was overjoyed. I used to play Oxyd in the 90's, and lost the original floppies. Now I can play it again!

The reason I'm sending you this email is that I found a copy of The  Oxyd Book in mint condition in my library, with all of the ANY PERSON COPYING THIS BOOK WILL BE PROSECUTED pages still readable.  and thought that someone who plays Oxyd might like to have it. It's useless to me, since I can't  run Oxyd under Win7 (or is there a Vista/Win7-compatible version of Oxyd Extra in the works, so that the book would be useful for me after all?). If not, could you could you see if anyone in your fan community would be interested?

Ken Mason

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