The Stock Signal for duplicity-talk

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The Stock Signal for duplicity-talk

A Must Watch ALERT Monday Dec 12th
Cash Now Corporation,

Symbol: CHNW
Price: .23
Up 0.14 (127.27%) on Thursday Dec 8th alone
Active (strong)

Volume Has Been Pretty Good. PR Program This Weekend Apprising Potential
Investors of This One. A new PR campiagn will start Thursday. Get in before
this starts for the best gains


Great news just released. This should really start to move!

The News

1) Payday Loan and Check-Cashing Leader Cash Now Offering Financing on
Premium Autos for Those With Credit Challenges
   Market Wire (Thu, Dec 8)

2)Payday Loan Leader Cash Now Re-Launches Infomercials, Fueling Expansion of
Licensees and Further Organic Growth
  Market Wire (Wed 10:00am)

3) Payday Loan Leader Cash Now Strengthens Infrastructure to Handle Increase
in Business -- 'Scaling for the Future'
  Market Wire (Wed 10:00am)

DiscI_imer: Statements regarding fi_ancial matters in this pr_ss re1ease
other than historical facts are ``f0rw_rd-lO0king statements'' within the
meaning of se(tion 27 A of the S_curities A(t of 193 3, Se(tion 21 E of the
Se(urities Ex(hange A(t of 1934, and as that term is defined in the Pr_vate
Se(urities Litig_tion Ref orm A(t of 1995. The (ompany intends that such
statements about the (ompany's future expe(tations, in(luding future
revenues and e_rnings, and all other f0rward-l0Oking statements, be subje(t
to the safe har bors created thereby. Since these statements (future ope
rational results and s ales) involve ri sks and un(ertainties and are
subject to (hange at any time, the (ompany's actu al re sults may differ
materi ally from ex pected results.

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