Traditional LDAP keyserver going off line

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Traditional LDAP keyserver going off line

Teun Nijssen

for a very, very long time (even when a keyserver was a Perl script),
SURFnet has been funding PGP keyservers.

In august 2004, SURFnet installed a new dedicated SKS keyserver
hkp:// which is also known as

The previous machine, is currently still
operational; it handles between 1M and 2M *LDAP* keyserver requests per

Nevertheless, at the end of this month good old horowitz (a Solaris
Enterprise 1 box of previous century quality) will go off-line. Its
problem is not the age of the hardware but the fading away of Solaris at
Tilburg University. (We're a Debian site now.)

I have requested to point the cname alias to
one of their own servers.



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