Transform simulavr project to cmake instead of automake

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Transform simulavr project to cmake instead of automake

Thomas K
Hi Guys,

i've now pushed a branch to simulavr git repository to have the build
made with cmake instead of automake tools. The branch is named
dev-cmake. It's in the moment incomplete because the examples are not
transformed and are in the moment in the old directory. All other should
work, means:

- build simulavr and lib

- build tcl, python and verilog module

- create documentation

- create debian packages

The code is based on the current master HEAD!

To make it easier to handle I have added a short makefile in root
directory to control the build process. Call 'make' without target will
show a short help for the available targets. To build just simulavr and
lib, you have to type: 'make no-debug' followed by 'make build'. The
configuration targets will switch on or off the additional build components.

On word about supported platforms: it's (in the moment, even if cmake
supports other platforms) only for linux, no support for Windows or Mac
(I have no Mac!). Why? simulavr can run in a docker image and docker is
available for all platforms. (as far as I know!) If we later support a
docker image it's possible to use simulavr on all platforms but have not
the problem to make fixes, because something will not work just on one

Please check it, if this will work for you and let me know, if this is
working or not to shift this to master branch later and make all further
work on this base.

cu, Thomas