Upgrading from git to git.

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Upgrading from git to git.

Sasa Ostrouska
Hi, it is a while that i am upgrading my install from git to git.
In the updates made today and on 5th of May i got the following error
when running the installer:

Errore DB_ERROR_1452: ALTER TABLE llx_supplier_proposaldet ADD CONSTRAINT fk_supplier_proposaldet_fk_unit FOREIGN KEY (fk_unit) REFERENCES llx_c_units (rowid);
Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`banco_dolibarr`.`#sql-4a2_f81b`, CONSTRAINT `fk_supplier_proposaldet_fk_unit` FOREIGN KEY (`fk_unit`) REFERENCES `llx_c_units` (`rowid`))

First time I got this error was whne updating from git of devel branch dated April 12, 2017 and updating to git of May 5th 2017.

I also filled a bug on github[1] at the time.

Does anybody have an idea on why this is happening and if it is harmful ?


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