User register error - like the passs week

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User register error - like the passs week

Javier Herrero Sanchez

We have the same error then the pass week:

User registration return error in Android APK

This is the log:
06-10 11:01:04.770 4508-4508/belle-sip: resolved to 2001:41d0:8:6e48::
06-10 11:01:04.770 4508-4508//belle-sip: channel 0xe0b41008: state RES_DONE
06-10 11:01:04.771 4508-4508//belle-sip: channel 0xe0b41008: state CONNECTING
06-10 11:01:04.771 4508-4508/belle-sip: Trying to connect to [TLS://2001:41d0:8:6e48:::444]
06-10 11:01:04.791 4508-4508/E/belle-sip: stream connect failed Network is unreachable
06-10 11:01:04.791 4508-4508/E/belle-sip: Cannot connect to [TLS://]

Thanks in advance

Javier H.

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