Using Muse Journal to create blog with calendar display

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Using Muse Journal to create blog with calendar display

Richard Fieldsend
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I've had a search of the archives, and I can't find an answer to this
query though I have a feeling its probably been discussed before.

I would like to use the Muse journal mode to create a blog.  So far, so
good, and I've created the project, and I can create pages which is
great.  I'm going to start working on styling them up this weekend.  So
far, so good.

However, what I would also like to do is add a nice little calendar
display which provides links to each of the blog entries.  I know that
this is possible in planner, and I think (from conversations I've had on
the #muse channel on irc) that this is possible in the journal mode too.
 However, I can't find any information in the code or documentation.

Does anyone know of a readme or howto that details how this can be done,
or, if anyone is prepared to tell me then I'll blog it once I've got my
configuration up and running.

Thanks in anticipation


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