Vanishing frames with Emacs in daemon mode

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Vanishing frames with Emacs in daemon mode

Trevor Murphy
Hi, all. I'm still learning how to debug Emacs / StumpWM issues, and
I'm unable to make progress on this problem. Any pointers would be
much appreciated.

To play nice with emacsclient, I'm using the following code from StumpwmWiki:

However, I find this only works as expected if I first start Emacs in
the foreground.

If I instead start Emacs with "emacs --daemon", then later calls like
"es .stumpwmrc" do the following:
1. Print "Waiting for Emacs..."
2. Briefly flash an Emacs frame
3. Drop back to command line

I tried turning up the *debug-level* variable in StumpWM, but I can't
make sense of the xlib window requests going on. The only thing that
looks potentially weird is the following, but I don't see anything
prior that would explain where it comes from:

22:08:42 >>> :UNMAP-NOTIFY
22:08:42 UNMAP: NIL NIL #S(TILE-WINDOW "emacs@infinite" #x1C000BB)
22:08:42 withdraw window #S<screen #<XLIB:SCREEN :0.0 1024x768x24 TRUE-COLOR>>
22:08:42 Ignoring error: XLIB:WINDOW-ERROR
22:08:42 Ignoring error: XLIB:WINDOW-ERROR
22:08:42 focus-window: #S(TILE-WINDOW "screen" #x1A00009)
22:08:42 show-frame-outline!
22:08:42 <<< :UNMAP-NOTIFY
22:08:42 timeout: NIL

Any suggestions how to get useful messages from the Emacs frame that
briefly pops up? Or, if the problem is obvious to somebody already,
please let me know what I'm doing wrong.



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