Version 1.0.4 released

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Version 1.0.4 released

Ben Escoto
6139b1829df776b4341bd24e99d5d74b03799a9d  rdiff-backup-1.0.4-1.src.rpm
fe452b30fc1c1d426993a3b357eda997d5aad122  rdiff-backup-1.0.4.tar.gz

>From the CHANGELOG:

New in v1.0.4 (2006/01/15)

Files with ACLs will not be unnecessarily marked as changed (bug
report by Carsten Lorenz).

Another fix for long-filenames crash, this time when a long-named
directory with files in it gets deleted

Selection fix: empty directories could sometimes be improperly
excluded if certain include expressions involving a non-trailing '**'
were used.  Bug reported by Toni Price.

Bug #15436 reported by Remy Blank: rdiff-backup would sometimes crash
on ACLs if the owning uname did not exist on destination.

Ben Escoto

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