Versions 1.0.2 and 1.1.0 released

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Versions 1.0.2 and 1.1.0 released

Ben Escoto
For the last two versions there weren't separate stable/devel
branches, but I wanted to move some stuff around for v1.1.0 so that is
labled development now.

rdiff-backup 1.1.0 is supposed to work well on Mac OS X now without
any extra options, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are some
problems for the next few versions, because it includes some Mac OS X
specific features that are untested.

Here are the changelogs (version 1.1.0 includes the 1.0.2 stuff):

New in v1.1.0 (2005/10/24)

Refactored fs_abilities for more flexibility.  In particular, avoid
quoting if both source and destination file systems are

Increased buffer sizes by factor of 4, because everyone probably has 4
times as much RAM now as when I originally picked those values.

When possible, fsync using a writable file descriptor.  This may help
with cygwin.  (Requested/tested by Dave Kempe.)

Support req 104755: Added --preserve-numerical-ids option, which makes
rdiff-backup preserve uids/gids instead of unames/gnames.  (Suggested
by Wiebe Cazemier)

Fix for bug #14799 reported by Bob McKay:  Crash when backing up files
with high permissions (like suid) to some FAT systems.

New in v1.0.2 (2005/10/24)

Fix for spurious security violation from --create-full-path (reported
by Mike Bydalek).

Fix for bug 14545 which was introduced in version 1.0.1:  Quoting
caused a spurious security violation.  (Important for Mac OS X)

An error reading carbonfile data on Mac OS X should no longer cause a
crash.  (Thanks to Kevin Horton for testing.)

Carbonfile support now defaults to off, even if the system appears to
support it.  It can be manually enabled with the --carbonfile switch.
If you know something about Mac OS X and want to look at the
carbonfile code so it can be re-enabled by default, please do so :)
(help available from list)

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