WIFi-Direct connection and voice issues

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WIFi-Direct connection and voice issues

dinis brazão


This is a repost - I did not receive the original post and got the sensation that the mail was not sent....

I am trying to call directly linphone <> linphone with following Scenario:

mobile A and mobile B connected through WiFi Direct

lets say phone A has IP and phone B has IP

I set up linphone to not use IPv6 and to not use random ports.

from A, I call: [hidden email] or from B I call [hidden email]

once in  while, when I call, everything goes fine.
The other times when I place the call from phone A it says it cannot reach the network (however it is able to answer calls from phone B - on these calls B cannot hear phone A).

Any quick idea ?

would help to post a log?



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