Xamarin example project not working for IOS

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Xamarin example project not working for IOS

Peter van der Spek

I downloaded the Xamarin pre-builded SDK from https://www.linphone.org/snapshots/xamarin/liblinphone-xamarin-sdk-4.1-161-g585c663.zip but i cant get it to build or run on Xamarin IOS
As stated on https://wiki.linphone.org/xwiki/wiki/public/view/Lib/Linphone%20C%23%20wrapper/ this should be the correct build that works on Xamarin IOS.

When trying to run / build the project I get the following errors:
-  Error CS0400 The type or namespace name 'Android' could not be found in the global namespace (are you missing an assembly reference?) Xamarin.iOS  LinphoneManager.cs 138 Active.
After trying to resolve that issue by hardcoding IPhone deviceinfo (instead of "global::Android.OS.Build....")
-  Error Application name 'Xamarin.iOS.exe' conflicts with an SDK or product assembly (.dll) name. Xamarin.iOS   
After trying to resolve that by changing the assembly output name:
-  Error AOT restriction: Method 'Linphone.LinphoneObject:Finalize ()' must be static since it is decorated with [MonoPInvokeCallback]. See http://ios.xamarin.com/Documentation/Limitations#Reverse_Callbacks LinphoneXamarin.iOS  
And more after that.

Can anybody help me with a working IOS Xamarin build that is not outdated?


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