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another small bug

gerard van Dijnsen
Hi all,

I ran into another bug. If I put comments in an include list,
rdiff-backup generates an error. This is of course no problem. The
rdiff-backup client simply exits with an error code of 1 and a message like:

Reading globbing filelist /etc/obrb/include.list
Fatal Error: Fatal Error: The file specification
cannot match any files in the base directory
Useful file specifications begin with the base directory or some
pattern (such as '**') which matches the base directory.

We can of course argue if comments should or should not be allowed in
the include list, but so far I think the behaviour of rdiff-backup is
correct. However, the server side of rdiff-backup exits with an exit
code 0. I do not think that this should be the case, especially if you
want to take some action (like generate an error report) from the remote
server. This way we never know there was an error!


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