better printer for coops instances?

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better printer for coops instances?

Marco Maggi
This script:

(require-library (coops)
(module (coops-demo)
  (import (scheme)
  (define-method (doit (x <integer>) (y <integer>) (z <integer>))
    (+ x y z))
  (doit #\z 2 3)
  #| end of module |# )

prints an error beginning with:

Error: (doit) no method defined for given argument classes: (#<coops-instance> #<coops-instance> #<coops-instance>)

I would really enjoy seeing something similar to:

   #<coops-instance class=<char> value=#\z>
   #<coops-instance class=<fixnum> value=2>
   #<coops-instance class=<fixnum> value=3>

instead of "#<coops-instance>".  Is something like this possible?

Marco Maggi

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