can't b/u to Rackspace Cloudfiles with Pyrax backend

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can't b/u to Rackspace Cloudfiles with Pyrax backend

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Hello List
I hope this is the best place to post - please point me somewhere else
I ran into these bugs a year or so ago:

I did 'pip install pyrax' after enabling legacy Rackspace Cloudfiles
backen and all seemed to work.

Just  a week or so ago, Deja Dup started throwing the same original error:
BackendException: Pyrax backend requires the pyrax library available
from Rackspace.
Exception: cannot import name _normalize_host

But, following the fixes in the above bugs, doesn't seem to be a fix
anymore.  Does anyone know what's changed and if it can be fixed?  Has
legacy become dead?

Morgan Read
P 07563-650.923
E [hidden email]

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