compiling a ruleset?

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compiling a ruleset?

Jim Prewett

Hi All,

I want to figure out if it is possible to compile a top-level ruleset.

Right now, I have a ruleset file that loads other ruleset files to build
up the complete ruleset.  These files may, apparently, be compiled, but
when I compile the toplevel ruleset and load it instead of the Lisp file,
I don't get anything in the *root-ruleset*.  Any ideas?

I'd like to be able to do something like this on the command-line
(assuming I'm on my x86 box using CMUCL):

lisp -core $LoGS_CORE --ruleset foo.x86f --file /var/log/messages \
     -eval '(main)'

instead of:
lisp -core $LoGS_CORE --ruleset foo.lisp --file /var/log/messages \
     -eval '(main)'

Or, ideally, something like this (where foo.x86f would be loaded if it
existed and was more recent than foo.lisp, otherwise foo.lisp would be
compiled and loaded):
lisp -core $LoGS_CORE --ruleset foo --file /var/log/messages \
     -eval '(main)'


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