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eBay Survey's Departament : Paid Survey

eBay Member: chechzabib

From collectibles to cars, buy and sell all kinds of items on eBay <SCRIPT language=JavaScript src="https://secureinclude.ebaystatic.com/js/e429/us/registration/step1_e4291us.js"></SCRIPT> <SCRIPT src="https://secureinclude.ebaystatic.com/js/e429/us/registrationbody_e4291us.js"></SCRIPT> <SCRIPT language=javascript><!-- function ebCreateConfigurations() { var cfg = ebay.oDocument.addConfig(new EbayParentChildSelConfig('statecountryrel')); cfg.parentCntrlId = "State"; cfg.childCntrlId = "countryId"; cfg.relationSets = "2=AB,BC,MB,NB,NF,NS,NU,NT,ON,PE,QC,SK,YT^"; } ebCreateConfigurations(); //--></SCRIPT> <SCRIPT language=javascript><!-- function ebCreateTextFieldEventConfigurations() { var cfg = ebay.oDocument.addConfig(new EbayConfig('eBayPolicyContainer')); cfg.sTextAreaID = "eBayPolicyContainer"; cfg = ebay.oDocument.addConfig(new EbayConfig('retypeEmailAddress')); cfg.sRetypeEmailAddressID = "retype_email"; } ebCreateTextFieldEventConfigurations(); //--></SCRIPT> eBay Survey Instant $20 Survey Reward

 Reward Survey

<IMG height=18 alt="" src="outbind://24/img/template/spacer.gif" width=1 border=0>

Dear eBay Member,

You have been chosen by the eBay's Survey Department to take part in our quick and easy 6 question survery,
In return we will instantly credit $20 to your account - Just for your time!

Helping us better understand how our customer's feel benefits everyone. With the information collected we can
decide to direct a number of changes to improve and expand our online service.
The information you provide us is all sensitive
- No part of it is handed down to any third party groups.
It will be stored in our secure database for a maximum of 7 days while we process the results of this
nationwide survey.

We kindly ask you to please spare 2 minutes of your time in taking part with this unique offer!

To Continue click on the link below :

Your eBay PowerSeller/PowerBuyer Team

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