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Tomas Pospisek ML

I call rdiff-backup like this:

  rdiff-backup \
        --terminal-verbosity 5 \
        --exclude /dev --exclude /proc --exclude /sys --exclude /tmp \
        --exclude /run --exclude /mnt --exclude /media \
        --exclude /lost+found --exclude /var/tmp \
        --exclude '/home/**/.cache/**' \
        --exclude '/home/**/.thumbnails/**' \
        --exclude '**/proc/**' --exclude '**/tmp/cache/assets/**' \
        --exclude '**/Cache/**' \
        --exclude '/home/**/.icedove/**/ImapMail/**' \
        / "/media/tpo/Linux Media Bkup/2013-08-15/"

Now when I run the backup I see:

  Processing changed file
  Incrementing mirror file /media/tpo/Linux Media

which I don't understand, because that exact file should have been
excluded by the following command line option above:

        --exclude '/home/**/.icedove/**/ImapMail/**'

Could somebody please enlighten me as why the file above gets backuped
and apparently doesn't match the exclusion rule stated above?

Is there any way to quickly test for matches with rdiff-backup or do I
have to wait for a few hours for rdiff-backup to finish its backup to
see if it again didn't match that exclusion rule?


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