first LoGS presentation revisited

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first LoGS presentation revisited

Jim Prewett

To see how well the RDL is doing its job, I decided to revisit the first
LoGS presentation (available here:

I think things are /much/ easier to understand in the code below than in
the example rules in the presentation!  Clearly, there is still a ways to
go, but I'm pretty stoked on how things are looking!


;; simple rule
 named 'default-rule
 matching #'LoGS::match-all

;; Using Contexts
 named 'collect-all-messages
 matching #'LoGS::match-all
 (lambda (message)
     :name 'collect-all-messages-context)

;; contexts and dynamic rules

 named 'find-ntp-problems
 matching regexp "xntpd \\[(\\d+)\\]: synchronization lost"
 binding (xntpd-pid)
 (lambda (message)
    :name (format () "xntpd-~A" xntpd-pid)
    :timeout (+ *now* (* 3600 internal-time-units-per-second))
     (lambda (context)
       (format t "xntpd problem~%")))))
 (lambda (message)
     matching regexp
     (format () "xntpd \\[~A\\]: synchronized to" xntpd-pid)
     (lambda (message)
        (format () "xntpd-~A" xntpd-pid)))))))

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