gluster-block v0.5 is alive!

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gluster-block v0.5 is alive!

Prasanna Kalever
Hello Gluster folks,

Gluster-block team is happy to announce the v0.5 release [1].

This is the new stable version of gluster-block, a good number of
features and interesting bug fixes are made available as part of this
release. Please find the list of release highlights and notable fixes
at [2].

One can find the details about prerequisites, how to install and setup
at [3]. If you are a new user, check out the demo video attached in
the README doc [4], which will be a good source of intro to the
project. There are good examples about how to use gluster-block both
in the man pages [5] and test file [6] (also in the README).

If you want to quickly bring up a cluster with gluster-block
environment locally, please head to vagrant setting-up details  [7].

gluster-block is part of fedora package collection, an updated package
with release version v0.5 will be soon made available. And the
community provided packages will be soon made available at [8].

Please spend a minute to report any kind of issue that comes to your
notice with this handy link [9]. We look forward to your feedback,
which will help gluster-block get better!

We would like to thank all our users, contributors for bug filing and
fixes, also the whole team involved in the huge effort with
pre-release testing.


Team Gluster-Block!


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Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 14:30 IST / 09:00 UTC

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