high cpu usage after long uptime

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high cpu usage after long uptime


I'am using 0.15.6 version of microdc2 under screen.
Linux, 2.6 kernel, 2,8 GHz intel xeon.

And sharing on different machines, 1. 50 gb and 2. 2,5 tb
I saw 2 issues after starting of using microdc2:

1. It repeats after long uptime of microdc2, 2 weeks or month. Microdc2 eats so much cpu as it can. When it happens, it still works fine, can hash files if share changes, or upload files to users that connected to it.
I don't know what can cause that, on one of machines, nothing was changed in it's 50gb share, but after few weeks of uptime i saw that it eats cpu again :(

2. there was one videofile, that microdc2 hashes about 24 hours, i just kill process and delete this file and start microdc2 again.

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