how to prevent doze mode on android

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how to prevent doze mode on android


I installed linphone on a new smartphone and I can't receive call when I
let it on a desk.

The smartphone is Alcatel 3L iwth android 8.1.
I installed linphone from f-droid.
I'm using a free sip linphone account.

In Settings, for Optimisation de la batterie, I chose Non optimisé
(probable translation not optimized) for linphone app.

To reproduce it, I just let the smartphone on the desk without any usage
for 1h or 2h.

In linphone log, I can read :
2019-03-19 20:53:53:647 [mediastreamer] MESSAGE Doze Mode enabled:
shutting down network
2019-03-19 20:53:53:647 [liblinphone] MESSAGE SIP network reachability
state is now [DOWN]

According to my tests, doze mode is disabled, as soon as I take the
smartphone in hand or touch a button.

Is it an issue with my smartphone ?
Should I change something in Android settings ?

I didn't find anything to prevent doze mode on an app with google.

Thanks for the help

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