installation on Trustix 2.2, performance, possible bug

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installation on Trustix 2.2, performance, possible bug

Vadim Kouzmine

1) on trustix 2.2 (python 2.2.3), rdiff-backup compiled from source, it
didn't set correct ownership on soft links, bugging me that lchown is
not there. After some tries (like creating /bin/lchown -> /bin/chown :),
I figured it out and commented lines containing #ifdef/endif HAVE_LCHOWN
in cmodule.c
May be I just had to add #define HAVE_LCHOWN  someplace before.
It looks like a problem with python 2.2, but it's not mentioned

2) on my servers (dual 3GHz Xeon, gigabit network) it gives ~2MB/s data
transfer speed, no matter if it's initial backup or incremental update.
It is through ssh/blowfish/no_compression/... I know it must be much
faster working on local drives, or even through nfs, but I want just
ssh. On the same servers scp/rsync gives 20-30MB/s steady transfer rate.

blocksize = 524288
conn_bufsize = 1572864
is not helping at all.

Surprisingly cpu load on both client and server remains in between 3-6%,
and disks are practically idle.
Anybody who dig it - tell me what strace/whatever could I run. I'll be
happy if it may be increased at least up to 10MB/s.

3) when run with --exclude-other-filesystems, rdiff-backup refuses to
create mountpoint directories. Say I backup my "/", and it doesn't
create /proc and bunch of /mnt/sdaX /mnt/nfs_something directories in
the backup copy.
I think this is a bug, it should create mountpoint directories
them-self, but should not copy anything from those mounted filesystems
of course.

Both rsync (rsync -x) and tar (tar --one-file-system) work differently,
the way I describe here.

Vadim Kouzmine <[hidden email]>

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