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interface to PKS/etc. + mailsync

Christoph Anton Mitterer-2

When I've recently had to re-setup my keyserver, I've intentionally left
the mailsyncfile empty.

- Debian ships a default with "[hidden email]" but
this has neither an MX record, nor does it answer on A/AAAA's port 25...
and apart from that, it seems to be an SKS now
( (files this in
- is SKS, too.

1) Does anyone know about any still running PKS servers?

Personally I just know about two other networks/softwares: onak and
CryptNet seems to be dead (isn't it),.. there's only one server listed
which works, and one cannot submit keys there (an error occurs).
With onak, I only know about

2) How's onak synchronised with SKS? Also via mailsync? So should every
SKS' mailsync file contain "[hidden email]"?

3) I get tons of:
2010-10-29 22:18:11 <mail transmit keys> error in callback.: Failure("No
partners specified")
in db.log.
Probably because my mailsync is emtpy?! Shouldn't this be better just a
warning? How can one disable it? I remember that there was some disable
option (which should be better just a disablewarning option, IMHO).


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