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Matthew Walster-2
(bcc: all email addresses I have in my sks/membership file)

It is with sadness that I announce the shutting down of

Unlike many others, I do not have a GDPR concern, but the actions taken by third parties to deliberately pollute the key space to "prove a point" has become untenable. Furthermore, the fairly constant hammer than the recon process takes from peers either "experimenting" or having large key deltas has caused some rather annoying peaks in my load over the past few weeks.

Rather than risk an ever-increasing load (CPU and disk space) I have chosen to take my keyserver down. I have not deleted the key data for now, but I do not see myself rejoining the pool anytime soon.

I'll remain on the mailing list for the time being, but will eventually unsubscribe.

Many thanks for a fun experiment,

Matthew Walster

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