monit 5.25.3 http check errors

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monit 5.25.3 http check errors

Maksym Tiurin

I have following check:

check process ejbca with matching "java .*jboss-modules.jar.*standalone.xml"
      group ejbca
      start program = "/etc/ejbca/run_ejbca start"
      stop program  = " /etc/ejbca/run_ejbca stop"
      restart program = "/etc/ejbca/run_ejbca restart"
      if failed URL
        content = "ALLOK"
        timeout 60 seconds
        within 5 cycles then alert
      if 5 restarts within 5 cycles then timeout
      mode manual

It worked great few years. After upgrade to 5.25.3 http check doesn't work.

It complains in log:

'ejbca' failed protocol test [HTTP] at
[localhost]::8080/ejbca/publicweb/healthcheck/ejbcahealth [TCP/IP] -- No
route to host

I changed URL to
'http://localhost:8080/ejbca/publicweb/healthcheck/ejbcahealth' and got
next error:

[UTC May  6 00:15:09] error    : 'ejbca' failed protocol test [HTTP] at
[]:8080/ejbca/publicweb/healthcheck/ejbcahealth [TCP/IP] --
HTTP error: uknown transfer encoding

Sounds like other HTTP checks are broken too. How to fix this issue
except rollback to previous version?

I didn't find in changelog any configuration format change.

OS: CentOS 7, kernel 3.10.0-957.12.1.el7.x86_64

SELinux in permissive mode.


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