[monit-dev] patch proposals: startup timeout, protocol mysql 4.1

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[monit-dev] patch proposals: startup timeout, protocol mysql 4.1


during warmup of a monitored process monit should ignore all connection
checks. Tomcat, for example, depending on how many webapps are to be
deployed, requires some time to bring up the listening port and to
answer to monit's queries. Monit will restart tomcat over and over
unless the timeout is set high enough. Though, in production use, we
don't want to use large timeouts.
When applying "monit-start_timeout.patch" check_process will return TRUE
while the process uptime is still below the start timeout.

One of our requirements is to monitor sockets and to check their file
permissions. So we need monit to handle sockets just as regular files.
The file "monit-socket.patch" is for that purpose.

When trying to monitor mysql-proxy you'll probably encounter a "2007
protocol mismatch" error since mysql-proxy does not support the old
mysql4.0 protocol monit uses. Also, a username is required upon
connection. "monit-mysql41.patch" makes monit use the mysql4.1 protocol
which is valid up to recent mysql releases. Monit connects as user "M"
without password, but this mysql user doesn't need to exist.

Kind regards,


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