.netrc Parsing Only Uses First Matching Machine.

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.netrc Parsing Only Uses First Matching Machine.

Ralph Corderoy

Reading ruserpass(), I think it stops reading the file after dealing
with the first ‘machine’ entry that matches.  This tallies with ftp(1)'s
documentation, for example, but not fetchmail(1)'s, and nmh has needs
more like the latter.

For example, a .netrc with

    machine m  login u  password p
    machine m  login v  password q

should allow nmh to find the password to use when u@m is given, but also

Aside, I'm having all kinds of trouble getting mhmail(1) to use my Gmail
credentials in ~/.netrc using Git's master branch in trying to help
Norm.  ruserpass() could do with some debug that can be enabled to see
what it's thinking.

Cheers, Ralph.