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printing to a buffer

Ernesto Rodriguez Reina-2
Hi everyone!

I'm relatively new to libconfuse and I have found it excellent. The
project I'm working on is using it, but now we are planning to have
auto-configuration options for components, that means that we'll have
a config agent that sets the settings for all others agents. In order
to change as little as possible, it create and sends confuse valid
buffers with the settings. The problem is that the config agent have
to create on the fly the settings and then print it to a buffer (dump
it). Right now we are creating a temporaty file, printing to it and
then reading it in order to send it back to the caller agent. We where
thinking that having a print-to-buffer option will be nice. It there
any plan for that? Is there any way to do it using current functions?

Thanks in advance.
Ernesto Rodriguez Reina

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