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rdiff-backup patch: add --if-older-than

Peter Teichman-2
Hey, folks.

I sent this message to Ben a few weeks ago, but maybe it should be
here instead.  I hope it proves useful.

I've started using rdiff-backup to backup to a computer that isn't
always available.  I rigged up a complicated system with a wrapper
script and anacron, so that it always tries to run once a day.

But if the source machine also isn't up, I lose a day's backup if the
first run fails.

So I've added a flag to rdiff-backup, --if-older-than.  It takes one
of your time_spec strings and only performs the backup if the previous
backup is older than the time specified.

That way I can add an hourly cron job that runs rdiff-backup with
--if-older-than=1d, and I get a good daily backup that retries every
hour if it hasn't happed yet.

The diff is against the devel branch, though it also applied against
the stable branch last time I checked.


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