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real suggestions Marcin Orwat

Hi, Synaptic work great but is litelbit to slow for me and j think for other users of linux... j wont explain :
for me is faster install everything in console why ?yy because i use ctrl+c,v. my expirens with system (UNIX) is from FreeBSD 4... and still use this ameising system but on laptop j use debian or ubuntu ... where j use synaptic rom meany years on in console. from begining j started seve whot i install... 

when j use grafic version 

when j use synaptic why i can NOT browser and add secend part of install(packegas) ?.........because i weaiting for end of proces, when i don with browsering and j waiting for end of install... i cant browser or look  what is new in packages... or look history this what is add for check or see printscreen and maybe install to tested or use to this time...

in console use meany screens so a lot of windows or terminal

Like i say SYNAPTIC work great and meayby email from me changing smoothing and add to next relase or stable repreitory of Synaptic proces of installation in other window. i think this make Synaptic more faster =).

in secion Help i smiessing translection PL... :) :P

Marcin Orwat

Ps j dont know wich which one email is good (from program and homepage) i send here and here.

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