remember breaks space (tab) completion

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remember breaks space (tab) completion

J. Bromley

I am having a problem with planner 3.41and remember 1.9. After I use
remember to create a note, the space bar tab completion in the echo
area no longer works. To be explicit, normally when typing a command
in the echo area, hitting the space bar will do the same as hitting
the Tab key and do completion. However, after using remember to take a
note, this completion no longer works. Hitting the space bar in the
echo area produces a space and does no completion. This is rather
annoying as the space bar facilitates rapid entry of commands. Hitting
the Tab key still does completion correctly.  I am wondering if anyone
else has seen this.

I first thought that it might be some interaction with one of the many
other modes I use, but I stripped down my .emacs to only load planner
stuff and I still have the problem. Has anyone experienced this
problem? If so, how did you deal with it? I thank you in advance for
any advice you might be able to offer.

Jay Bromley | jbromley at gmail dot com

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