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replace netxx with asio

Markus Wanner-2

in the last couple of days I finally managed to get nvm.asio to a state
that doesn't just compile, but pass most tests. Yay!

There still are a couple lose ends (see NEWS, where I maintain a
temporary todo list for that branch). I'd appreciate feedback as well as
help with testing. If someone could take care of the Windows side of
things, I'd certainly appreciate that...

To reiterate the reasons for this move: netxx is unmaintained; up until
now, we even had a full copy in our sources, which in itself is bad
enough from a maintenance and security perspective. Furthermore, I think
netxx started to show its age. I don't quite recall what exact issues I
had with it, though.

(A variant of) ASIO is part of boost and it currently is a viable
candidate for inclusion in a future C++ standard (N4588, [1]).  Packages
for Debian [0] and RedHat exist. And in the non-boost variant, it's a
headers-only library, so it's trivial to "install" as well.

I'd appreciate your feedback and comments.


Markus Wanner

[0]: To be fair, I should probably mention that I myself am the
maintainer of the asio standalone package for Debain, see:

[1]: N4588, Working Draft, C ++ extensions for Networking:

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