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Jeremy T. Bouse
    I know it's been down for awhile, I think I recall it went down with
corrupted data sometime around October last year, but I'm pleased to
announce that is back online and fully populated. I've
cleaned up my membership file and do currently have one commented out as
I've noticed odd performance when I enable it. As of this message I show
my key delta around 30 less than max and around 2200 over mean according
to status page. I'm still suffering from going in and out of the pool as
the spider sometimes hits while in recon mode and running high CPU
and/or I/O resulting in a 'not responding' state until checked again.
Still trying to optimize config to help relieve that problem so if
anyone has a suggestion please feel free.

    No "grandpa's firewall" in the way between peering, just need to
make sure the peer hostname matches IP address. Both my forward &
reverse DNS resolve properly for my cluster.

    I'll soon have IPv6 support added once I complete the firewall
upgrade here and I'll be working to add Tor endpoint as well.

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