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stepping away from sks

Daniel Kahn Gillmor-7
Hi folks--

I no longer think that SKS is a project i can contribute to
responsibly, so i'm stepping away from it.

I'll be taking down the sks instance on
(, so if you have that in your
peers file, you should probably remove it.  (the public PKS interface will probably still live on, as a reverse
proxy for or any better keyserver operation
that i can find).

That also means i've removed myself from the uploaders list for the
debian sks package.

Christoph, that leaves you as the only remaining uploader, sorry about
that.  But:

 - i haven't really been able to do good work on sks in a while,

 - the recent removal of python2 means that i've lost easy access to the
   mercurial upstream, because hg depended on python2, and

 - the package doesn't even build any more with modern ocaml

If i was the only maintainer of the package in debian, i would at least
orphan it.  But, more likely, i think i would request removal from
debian, as the upstream maintenance efforts appear to be unsustainable.
I don't think it would be responsible to ship it in Bullseye.

But Christoph, i leave those choices up to you.  If you do any of the
above, please Cc me on it.  I'm also happy to be named as an
(ir?)responsible party in the event that it does go away from debian.

I really appreciate all the effort, goodwill, resources, time, and
energy that folks have put into SKS on behalf of the OpenPGP ecosystem
for years, and i hope that we can funnel some fraction of that energy
into projects that are more sustainable and useful for the OpenPGP
ecosystem going forward.

Thanks for all the fish,


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