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We participated in the Summer of Code last year as a sub-project
of LispNYC. Because of the time constraints last year there was
a bit of confusion (we got a direct accept notice then got dropped).
Kai Kaminski did an excellent job for us and we are quite pleased
with the result.

We have collected some problems we think would make good summer projects
and will continue to do so for our own purposes. If you plan to have
another summer of code in 2006 I'd like to get some idea of the feedback
you got from the 2005 effort.

Are there criteria we should strive to achieve that will make us more
acceptable when the time comes? If we have advance notice I can contact
various professors at universities who can recommend candidates.

I thought the whole summer of code idea was excellent and, properly
managed, could really help open source projects such as Axiom.

Tim Daly
Axiom Lead

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