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Re: Errors with Linphone 2 replies linphone-users
Re: DND does not work 0 replies linphone-developers
Re: Errors with Linphone 4 replies linphone-users
Re: App for W10M Removed From Store 0 replies linphone-developers
Re: Multicast not working 1 reply linphone-developers
Re: FlexiSIP Apple Push with the official Linphone app 1 reply linphone-users
Re: Flexsip/Address already in use 1 reply linphone-developers
Re: Using Linphone to connect to Comrex Rack 2 replies linphone-users
Re: REGISTER Forbidden 1 reply linphone-users
Re: Adaptive codec switching for Linphone 0 replies linphone-developers
Re: linphone-android Media change error (supplement ) 1 reply linphone-users
Re: Error running app 1 reply linphone-developers
Re: "unknown target CPU 'armv5te'" 0 replies linphone-developers
Re: Interop with CSipSimple 0 replies linphone-users
Re: Linphone keeps sending register messages 0 replies linphone-developers
Re: Linphone desktop [fr] 5 replies linphone-users
Re: Possible bug in repo 1 reply linphone-users
Re: Linphone on Iphone 1 reply linphone-users
Re: Linphone Web support dead? 7 replies linphone-users
Re: Linphone Web support dead? 15 replies linphone-users
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